An Evaluation of Seventeen Leadership Development Programs for Vocational Educators

J. Moss, Jr., G. W. Leske, Q. Jensrud, T. H. Berkas

Success as a leader in vocational education is conceived primarily as facilitating the group process and empowering group members. However, a telephone survey conducted in early 1990 of members of the University Council for Vocational Education revealed that there were very few identifiable activities being offered by member institutions that were specifically intended for leadership development. In addition, while many faculty recognized the need for more and better leadership development activities, they lacked the time to create them. Therefore, NCRVE decided to offer special incentives to institutions of higher education and state agencies to initiate a wide variety of innovative leadership development programs for graduate students and inservice personnel in vocational education. This article discusses those programs and the data about leadership development that was collected and analyzed.

MDS-1025 / September 1995

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