Fostering Economic Development: Opportunities and Challenges in Postsecondary Education

V. M. Hernandez-Gantes, R. P. Sorensen, A. H. Nieri

This paper discusses an expanded role for two-year postsecondary institutions. It argues that global competition and recent developments in new technologies are creating a new set of demands for both the workplace and the postsecondary educational system--specifically, that these changes are placing an increasing demand for (1) highly skilled workers who can adapt to and can function in high performance jobs, and (2) new management styles and entrepreneurial skills to recognize changes and improve business performance. The authors argue that these trends in the workplace and global market suggest the need to reevaluate the role of two-year postsecondary education to emphasize an institutional and public commitment to economic development as a community enterprise. They also outline some possible strategies for fostering economic development through partnerships between industry and postsecondary institutions.

MDS-1033 / August 1995

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