Evaluating Job Training Programs in the United States: Evidence and Explanations

W. N. Grubb

Statistics show that most job training programs do not succeed in moving recipients out of poverty, off of welfare, or into long-term, stable employment. Why? Norton Grubb, NCRVE's Berkeley site director, offers some local explanations but suggests that the root problem is the disconnection between education and job training. Grubb recommends an overall reform for job training programs based on guidelines from the School to Work Opportunities Act, so that these programs incorporate integrated vocational and academic content; work-based education coordinated with school-based learning through connecting activities; and the connection of every program to the next in a hierarchy of educational opportunities. Warning us that a piecemeal approach will fall short, Grubb concludes that only such a fundamental revision will improve the meager results of job training programs. This study was prepared for the International Labour Congress in Geneva.

MDS-1047 / January 1996

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