Leader Attributes Inventory: Directions for Administering, Scoring and Preparing Feedback Reports

J. Moss, Jr., Q. Jensrud

The NCRVE's Leader Attributes Inventory (LAI) measures 37 traits of good leaders, from enthusiasm to persistence, accountability, and adaptability. This report tells how to use the LAI, for self-rating or for rating by observers. Sample inventories, scoring worksheets, feedback reports, and details about how to administer the LAI are included. MDS-1049 consists of a set of assessment instruments and a copy of directions for using the assessment. MDS-1049a consists of a set of assessment instruments only. The companion study, MDS-730, explains the context and development of the LAI. This study is one of a range of NCRVE monographs on leadership, such as Moss and his associates' curriculum on how to help underrepresented groups succeed as vocational educational leaders (MDS-736), and evaluations of leadership development programs (MDS-1025, 293, and 461).

MDS-1049 / November 1996 ($14.00, instrument only)

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