Leader Effectiveness Index: Directions for Administering, Scoring, and Preparing Feedback Reports

J. Moss, Jr., Q. Jensrud, C. R. Finch

What makes an effective leader? NCRVE research has produced the Leader Effectiveness Index (LEI), a portrait of the most important qualities of effective leaders. These seven traits include fostering collaboration and ownership, creating a shared vision, and establishing a good learning environment. This how-to guide for the LEI gives complete directions for its use, including sample indices and scoring worksheets. MDS-1050 consists of a set (50 copies) of assessment instruments and a copy of directions for using the assessment. MDS-1050a consists of a set (50 copies) of assessment instruments only. The companion study, MDS-815, Leader Effectiveness Index Manual, includes a theory of leadership and a description of the development of the LEI. This product is one of many NCRVE reports on leadership such as studies on the role of leaders in times of intense change (MDS-402), and on how good leaders help develop a competent workforce (MDS-399,).

MDS-1050 / November 1996

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