Student Perspectives on Career-Oriented Programs: A Commentary on the Research

F. Hammons

Evaluation of Tech Prep, school to work, career magnet schools, and authentic learning has so far neglected students' perspectives. Their viewpoints are explored in the Journal of Vocational Education Research's Voices of Diversity issue (reprints available as MDS-1068, MDS-1069, MDS-1070, and 1071). Hammons uses the four articles in this issue to elucidate the aspects of career-oriented programs that affect students most strongly. One of the best things about their schools, students say, is the rigorous and varied curriculum. Other themes identified by students are a strong support network for all students in and out of school, exposure to career opportunities through counseling and work-site experience, and opportunities for both higher education and work. Hammons encourages continuing research on students' perspectives, stressing the need for bigger sample sizes and careful selection methods. This article, as well as MDS-1068 through 1071, will interest everyone curious about what students think of the new vocationalism.

MDS-1072 / June 1996

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