Tech Prep/School-to-Work Partnerships: More Trends and Challenges

D. D. Bragg, P. A. Puckett, W. Reger IV, H. S. Thomas, J. Ortman, C. Dornsife

This report analyzes local Tech Prep programs in terms of their goals, outcomes, state of implementation, and, in particular, their connections to school-to-work programs. Some evidence, such as the expansion of work-based learning and of business/education connections, indicates effective partnerships between Tech Prep and school-to-work. The 1994 predecessor to this report, MDS-714, noted promising trends in the progress of Tech Prep, such as well-established articulation agreements and high levels of support for the approach. These trends are still active; however, there are lingering challenges. The most important challenges appear to be extending Tech Prep to the postsecondary level; a lack of clarity about Tech Prep's fundamental purpose; and inadequate instructor preparation to integrate academic and vocational curriculum. This report, which includes local coordinator recommendations for state and federal policy, will bring educators up-to-date on the progress of Tech Prep implementation.

MDS-1078 / January 1998

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