Workforce, Economic, and Community Development: The Changing Landscape of the Entrepreneurial Community College

W. N. Grubb, N. Badway, D. Bell, D. D. Bragg, M. Russman

Three nontraditional program areas have emerged over the past 10 to 15 years in community colleges: (1) workforce development, (2) economic development, and (3) community development. This report maps these "entrepreneurial" developments, offers examples, analyzes the role of state policy, and discusses potential tensions between entrepreneurial and regular programs. The authors find that entrepreneurial programs show great promise in serving local community needs. They recommend colleges find ways to integrate regular and entrepreneurial programs and to increase accountability requirements for the latter. Workforce, Economic, and Community Development was published jointly with the League for Innovation in the Community College and the National Council on Occupational Education.

MDS-1094 / December 1997

Also online: Executive Summary

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