School-to-Work Opportunities in the Middle School: Concepts and Issues

C. R. Finch, M. Mooney

A number of middle schools have begun using school-to-work activities to help their students make a connection between learning, the workplace and their future life. Finch and Mooney sought answers from educators and professional associations about the match between school-to-work and the developmental needs of students in grades six through eight. These interviews led the authors to conclude that school-to-work activities have the potential to meet these students' developmental needs in new and exciting ways; to enhance their career awareness; to improve their transition to high school; to serve at-risk students better; and to support systemic school reform. Greater communication between middle schools and the school-to-work community to explore these potentials will enable school-to-work to benefit more students.

MDS-1096 / December 1997

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