Benchmarking New Designs for the Two-Year Institution of Higher Education

G. H. Copa, W. Ammentorp

Benchmarking is the process of identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices from organizations anywhere in the world to help your organization improve its performance. The benchmark studies included in this report are offered as exemplars of the processes meeting the design specifications for 21st century two-year institutions of higher education, as described in MDS-1109, New Designs for the Two-Year Institution of Higher Education. They are meant to be illustrative rather than definitive in showing how two-year institutions are responding thoughtfully to change and meeting student and community needs in new, cost-effective ways. The studies also illustrate the use of benchmarking as an organizational transition process-a means toward envisioning more concretely what is desired and the way it can be realized. This document will be especially useful for all readers of MDS-1109.

MDS-1108 / February 1998

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