School to Work, College and Career: A Review of Policy, Practice, and Results 1993-1997

M. Urquiola, D. Stern, I. Horn, C. Dornsife, B. Chi, L. Williams, D. Merritt, K. Hughes, T. Bailey

This comprehensive report synthesizes the literature on school-to-work programs since 1993, the last year NCRVE published a review of that literature. School to Work, College and Career describes the following:

The authors make it clear that school-to-work, far from being a unitary concept, is a term that stands for a set of complex and varied initiatives. School to Work, College and Career portrays the school-to-work movement in all its diversity, successes, and ongoing struggles. Policymakers, educators, employers, and researchers involved with school-to-work will find the report a rich source of information.

MDS-1144 / December 1997

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