School-to-Work for the College Bound: strategies for maximizing the educational opportunities of school-to-work students

D. Merritt, L. C. Williams

Using published reports and past research experience, researchers from the Institute on Education and the Economy (IEE) identified states that have been particularly successful and creative in expanding the school-to-work agenda. To examine and analyze the work of these programs, IEE researchers conducted telephone interviews with local school-to-work coordinators and staff members and state school-to-work officials in sixteen states. The first part of School-to-Work for the College-Bound discusses the connections between standards, "authentic teaching and learning" pedagogy, and school-to-work efforts. The second part of the report explores the various ways programs have used guided work experiences outside the classroom as a way to reduce fears among some constituencies that school-to-work programs are "vocational." The third part of the report describes how successful programs use career and interest exploration to minimize the disconnection between traditional academic courses and the world beyond the school walls.

MDS-1198 / November 1999

Also online: Executive Summary

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