Linking Planning and Evaluation: Review and Synthesis of Literature

F. M. Asche, D. E. Elson, D. C. Strickland, E. Choudhury

In writing this review and synthesis, the authors operated with the assumptions that inadequate linkages exist within vocational education, that improved linkage would result in more effective reconciliation of policy design and policy action, and that there is a base of theory and research from which vocational education can benefit. Literature from education and related fields such as social change, public administration, strategic planning, and evaluation was included in this review. While planning theorists have developed multiple approaches that might address many of the contemporary problems facing vocational education, these approaches have had very limited use in vocational education. The theme of evaluation utilization emerged as critical to the linking process. It was hypothesized that the primary benefit of evaluation utilization is its capacity to institutionalize organizational learning. The multiple streams of literature related to planning, evaluation, evaluation utilization, strategic planning, and organizational learning were brought together in the final section of the review in an attempt to examine both the facilitators and barriers to linking planning and evaluation.

MDS-120 / September 1992

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