Who's Minding the Store? A Guide for Educators Working with School-Based Enterprises: Activities and Strategies for Creating and Operating Innovative and Productive Learning Experiences

R. Larson

School-based enterprise has been gaining recognition as a worthwhile strategy for providing hands-on learning through work within the school setting. However, until now, teachers and schools interested in establishing a school-based enterprise have had few resources to guide them. To make the task easier, NCRVE contracted with REAL Enterprises to create a curriculum module that would guide a class through the development and maintenance of a school-based enterprise. This hands-on report has numerous tools and exercises on topics such as keeping student interest high, creating "intrapreneurial ventures," recruiting new student employees, and integrating the enterprise with other disciplines. Who's Minding the Store? shows educators how to run a school-based enterprise that is profitable from the perspective of both money and learning.

MDS-1254 / June 1999

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