On-The-Job Experiences of Vocational Administrators that Develop Leadership Capabilities

C. Hopkins, J. Lambrecht, J. Moss, Jr., and C. R. Finch

Telephone interviews were conducted with 69 vocational administrator-leaders in 12 states to explore the perceived importance of on-the-job experiences as a means of leadership development. Information was gathered about (1) the types of on-the-job experiences in administrators' pasts that were perceived to be effective in their leadership development, (2) the aspects of those experiences that made them effective, (3) the improved leadership qualities, and (4) recommendations for on-the-job experiences that would help prepare future leaders. Certain types of on-the-job experiences appear to be effective for developing selected leader qualities and should be used to help prepare future leaders. This article is closely related to Importance of On-The-Job Experiences in Developing Leadership Capabilities, MDS-814. Reprinted from Journal of Vocational Education Research, Volume 23, Number 1, 1998.

MDS-1262 / January 1999

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