The Journal of Vocational Education Research / Volume 22, Issue 2

T. Lewis, W. N. Grubb, T. R. Owens, L. A. Phelps, D. D. Bragg, J. A. Gregson

This reprint of the entire Volume 22, Issue 2, installment of The Journal of Vocational Education Research focuses on the theme of the "new vocationalism." The series of articles in this reprint is headed by an article written by well-known NCRVE researcher W. Norton Grubb, "Not There Yet: Prospects and Problems for 'Education Through Occupations,'" in which the author argues job-specific vocationalism, the "old vocationalism," must yield to generic forms of vocational education, the new vocationalism. The balance of the issue consists of critiques of Grubb's argument by four other vocational education experts-including NCRVE authors Jim Gregson, Al Phelps, and Debra Bragg-and a final rebuttal by Grubb.

MDS-1263 / August 1999

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