Teacher Learning in the Workplace and Community

L. A. Phelps, V. Hernandez-Gantes, C. Maidl Pribbenow, T. Sargent

Successful implementation of work-related education reforms requires educators to understand both reform principles and the ways in which work-based and school-based learning can be used to enhance curriculum and instruction. This document, a set of four educational briefs and five case studies, describes innovative teacher education and professional development programs that support school-to-work and related reforms. A product of NCRVE's Teacher Education Initiative, these studies are based on a national search for promising professional development programs, interviews, case studies, and literature reviews.

Educational Briefs (available online in Adobe Acrobat format)

Case Studies (available online in Adobe Acrobat format)

Each brief and case study may be ordered separately. All nine together are sold as MDS-1265, which is available online in Adobe Acrobat format (86 pages, 286K).

MDS-1265 / March 1998

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