Collaborative Efforts Between Vocational and Academic Teachers: Strategies that Facilitate and Hinder the Efforts

B. J. Schmidt

This study reports outcomes of structured interviews completed at three Southern Regional Education Board-Vocational Education Consortium (SREB-VEC) pilot sites to determine strategies that facilitate, and hinder, high school vocational and academic teachers in working together. From thirty interviews, the statements were synthesized to 57 positive and 41 negative strategies distributed among four categories: (1) instructional strategies, (2) curricular strategies, (3) collaborative efforts, and (4) administrative practices and procedures. The strategies can serve as a starting point for others contemplating changes in curriculum and instruction to achieve the integration of vocational and academic education. The study provides insight at the "grassroots," school-site level as to what will and will not work when teachers collaborate.

MDS-164 / October 1992

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