Assessing the Nature and Operation of Institutional Excellence in Vocational Education

G. Wardlow, G. Swanson, J. Migler

This study sought to understand and describe the nature and operation of institutions offering exemplary vocational education programs. These institutions were identified based on input from a carefully selected national resource group and other knowledgeable individuals in the field. Field studies were conducted in eleven states at two comprehensive high schools, five secondary vocational centers, four postsecondary technical colleges, three community colleges, and one proprietary postsecondary technical institute. Study procedures consisted of systematic observations and numerous individual and group interviews. A number of themes and subthemes were observed as being generally consistent across the institutions in the study. The broad themes include multiple dimensions of school climate; administrative structures, styles, and attributes; teacher attributes and attitudes; student characteristics; curriculum development; institutional marketing; and support services.

MDS-174 / January 1992

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