Teaching for Transfer of Learning

R. Thomas, L. Anderson, L. Getahun, B. Cooke

Transfer of learning is becoming a more significant concern for education as the future becomes more uncertain and as predicting specifically what people will need to know and be able to do becomes more difficult. Although transfer of learning has been difficult to achieve in the past, new understandings of transfer and teaching, based on cognitive theory and research, offer new possibilities for improving learning transfer. Four principles for guiding curricular decisions, instructional development, and teaching practices to enhance transfer of learning were identified and applied to the development of a learning environment in vocational education. A field study was designed to investigate the impact of the learning environment in terms of transferable learning by students. Findings revealed that students' learning reflected characteristics of transferability and that students transferred their learning. Conclusions, implications for vocational education, and recommendations are discussed.

MDS-257 / December 1992

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