Selected Resources to Facilitate the Transition of Learners with Special Needs from School to Work or Postsecondary Education, Volume 2

S. C. Kallembach, Z. Burac, M. Coyle-Williams, J. Benesh, C. Bullock, L. Iliff

The school-to-work transition initiative is once again brought to the forefront in the 1990s with the reauthorization of both the Education of the Handicapped Act and the Perkins Act. This document is intended to assist state and local administrators of vocational special needs programs, as well as educators, counselors, researchers, and policymakers, in locating resources for transition programs for youths and adults with disabilities. To avoid duplication, many entries appearing in the first resource guide for learners with special needs (MDS-002) have not been included in this document. For a comprehensive listing, readers may wish to obtain both publications.

MDS-300 / September 1992

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