Readin', Writin', 'Rithmetic One More Time: The Role of Remediation in Vocational Education and Job Training Programs

W. N. Grubb, J. Kalman, M. Castellano, C. Brown, D. Bradby

This report examines the expanding programs that provide remedial education to individuals enrolling in various forms of job-related education and training, including postsecondary vocational education, JTPA programs, and welfare-to-work programs. Based on interviews with providers of remediation, the current system is one with large numbers of referrals among programs, but with few mechanisms to ensure progress through the system and almost no information about effectiveness. Furthermore, most current efforts use teaching methods which are likely to be especially ineffective for adult students. The report concludes with recommendations for reforms in remedial education.

MDS-309 / October 1991

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