Beyond Articulation: The Development of Tech-Prep Programs

C. Dornsife

The purpose of this monograph is to provide an understanding of the differences and similarities between existing Tech Prep programs and the features of exemplary programs. The results of this investigation are presented in four sections. The first section presents an examination of the broad social framework that vocational education operates in. The second section presents a detailed discussion of the continuum of activities associated with the following four major program components: (1) information/marketing campaigns, (2) curriculum development, (3) career guidance, and (4) program improvement. Effective planning and implementation strategies are addressed in the third section. And, finally, the fourth section provides a review of the basic structural issues underlying the delivery of vocational education and addresses the questions of how state initiatives and federal policy inhibit or facilitate the development of Tech Prep programs.

MDS-311 / March 1992

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