A Guide to Using Postsecondary Transcript Data and an Overview of Course Taking in Less-Than-Four-Year Postsecondary Institutions

S. P. Choy, L. J. Horn

MPR Associates has made adjustments to the High School and Beyond (HS&B) transcript data to facilitate their analysis and has created analysis files that are available on tape upon request. Variables were added to identify institution and term types, and standardized credit values and grades were created. A three-level taxonomy of courses for less-than-four-year institutions was developed. Courses were divided first into three broad areas (vocational, academic, and personal skills), then into seven vocational and six academic levels. The report also describes course-taking patterns of the HS&B 1980 Senior Cohort in less-than-four-year postsecondary institutions using the taxonomy as the framework.

MDS-378 / March 1992

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