The Role of Vocational Education in Restructured Schools

Objectives of this hour-and-a-half teleconference were to describe different approaches to restructuring, to provide specific examples of the role of vocational education in restructuring, to discuss the leadership necessary for restructuring, to describe how restructuring can facilitate the integration of vocational and academic education, and to discuss how students benefit from restructuring when vocational education becomes an integral part of their educational experience. E. Gareterator. The four panelists included (1) Donald W. Ingerson, Superintendent, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, Kentucky; (2) Steven H. Godowsky, Principal, Paul M. Hodgson Vocational Technical High School, Newark, Delaware; (3) J. D. Hoye, Associate Superintendent, Office of Professional Technical Education, Office of Community College Services, Oregon Department of Education, Salem, Oregon; and (4) Willie J. Mott, Principal and Director of Vocational Education, Jackson Public Schools, Career Development Center, Jackson, Mississippi.

MDS-418 / September 1992

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