Students with Limited English Proficiency: Selected Resources for Vocational Preparation, Volume 2

S. C. Kallembach, Z. Burac, M. Coyle-Williams, J. Benesh, C. Bullock, L. Iliff

It is estimated that the population of the United States will have increased seventeen percent between the years 1980 and 2000. In the same time period, the nation's language minority population is expected to increase thirty-two percent. This trend represents an important educational challenge: providing both youth and adults who are limited English proficient with the vocational and academic skills that will enable them to succeed in the nation's rapidly changing economy. This guide was developed to help professionals assisting with the educational and career/vocational needs of LEP students. To avoid duplication, many entries appearing in the first volume (MDS-109) were omitted from this book. For a comprehensive listing, readers might want to obtain the first volume as well.

MDS-432 / August 1992

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