Students At Risk: Selected Resources for Vocational Preparation, Volume 2

S. C. Kallembach, Z. Burac, M. Coyle-Williams, J. Benesh, C. Bullock, L. Iliff

This resource guide is intended for administrators, teachers, and others serving at-risk students. Approximately twenty-five percent of all students drop out of high school and are at risk of reaching adulthood unable to adequately meet the requirements of the workplace, the commitments of relationships in families and with friends, and the responsibilities of participation in a democratic society. Vocational education can play an important role in increasing the opportunities and successes of this at-risk population. To avoid duplication, many entries appearing in the first volume (MDS-111) were omitted from this book. For a comprehensive listing, readers may wish to obtain the first volume as well.

MDS-434 / September 1992

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