Examples of Integrated Academic and Vocational Curriculum from High School Academies in the Oakland Unified School District

D. de Leeuw, C. Hertenstein, M. Jackson, B. J. Lum, S. O'Donoghue, M. Rahn, V. Rubin, D. Stern, A. Whitehurst-Gordon

In 1986 the Oakland Unified School District initiated an effort to establish a district-wide Academies Magnet Program. An adaptation of the California Partnership Academy model, the Oakland academies are school-within-school magnet programs designed to provide academic instruction and career preparation in a range of industries such as health, business, communications, engineering, computer technology, law, visual arts, and transportation. The goals of the Academies Magnet Program embrace the mission district to address the wide range of educational problems that most urban districts such as Oakland face.

MDS-483 / January 1993

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