Lessons From Life's First Teacher: The Role of the Family in Adolescent and Adult Readiness for School-to-Work Transition

W. L. Way, M. M. Rossmann

The role of parents in children's academic achievement has featured prominently in recent national debates. However, the contribution of the family to children's preparation for work is not well-understood. This national study of 1,266 high school seniors and 879 adult two-year college students explores the family's role in developing readiness for school-to-work transition, as well as whether the family's role differs for adolescent and adult learners. The findings show that both parent participation in school and the family's style of relating strongly influence work readiness for both children and adults. The authors conclude that it makes good sense to include parents as partners in initiatives designed to improve the transition from school to work. Future school-to-work transition initiatives should incorporate a richer understanding of family involvement.

MDS-725 / June 1996

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