Inclusion/Detracking: A Resource Guide

C. Maddy-Bernstein, Z. B. Matias, E. S. Cunanan, B. T. Krall, J. A. Kantenberger, L. Iliff

Societal demands and legislative mandates have called for changes in the way we educate students, especially those served in special education or "tracked" into separate programs. There is a growing national sentiment to educate all students in programs which reflect the diversity of the local general student population, through strategies such as mainstreaming, curriculum integration, cooperative learning, and project teaching. This selective resource guide will be useful to all educators interested in inclusion of students with disabilities into regular educational programs, and in eliminating ability grouping and tracking. It includes exemplary programs and practice; personnel and curriculum centers; descriptions of selected newsletters and journal articles; and educational information centers. Where possible, the guide highlights resources that address students in vocational education and integrated programs.

MDS-746 / December 1995

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