Research-Based Case Studies: Creating Resources To Assist Teachers in the Integration of Academic and Vocational Education

C. R. Finch, B. J. Schmidt, S. L. Faulkner, J. Kandies

Preparing case studies for professional development settings is both an art and a science. The use of case studies creates a contextualized learning environment, increases student involvement, and instills a better understanding of what will be faced in the real world. This report documents the process used in creating NCRVE's case studies workbook (MDS-780), which is designed for educators involved in integrating academic and vocational education. The authors discuss the implications of their process for case study preparation in a variety of professional development settings. Some of the key issues are building realistic content, assessing usefulness for the intended audience, field testing and case refinement, and evaluating effectiveness. This methodological study will be an invaluable resource for anyone involved in creating and using research-based cases.

MDS-781 / February 1996

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