Community College Innovations in Workforce Preparation: Curriculum Integration and Tech Prep

W. N. Grubb, N. Badway, D. Bell, E. Kraskouskas

A surge of interest in the preparation of the workforce has affected all institutions in the past fifteen years. Most of the innovations in workforce preparation are occuring in community colleges because individuals educated by them are "the backbone of our economy." This monograph describes two innovations--curriculum integration and Tech Prep--that emerged independently of federal funding and that have widespread support. W. Norton Grubb, NCRVE's Berkeley site director, describes the many forms these innovations take and clarifies their benefits to students, to employers demanding high-order skills, and to community colleges themselves. (This report is the result of a collaborative effort among NCRVE, the League for Innovation in the Community College, and the National Council for Occupational Education.)

MDS-783 / December 1996

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