School-to-Work for the College Bound

T. Bailey, D. Merritt

The 1994 School-to-Work Opportunities Act articulates an educational reform that includes innovative approaches to classroom teaching, guided learning experiences outside the classroom, and increased career counseling and guidance. Initially, this approach targeted students not headed for college, but researchers now see that school-to-work can serve as a model for teaching all young people, preparing them for both college and work. Indeed, educators have always known that students learn best when-as in school-to-work-lessons are contextualized, students are in charge of their own learning, and connections are made across subject lines. By building the case for school-to-work as a college prepatory strategy, Bailey and Merritt hope to expand its use so that all students can benefit from it. This report will interest all educators, policymakers, and researchers interested in the possibilities for school-to-work

MDS-799 / April 1997

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