Career Development Effects of Career Magnets Versus Comprehensive Schools

E. Flaxman, A. Guerrero, D. Gretchen

How does the experience of attending a magnet school-one focused on a specific theme such as aviation or fashion, with allied curriculum, pedagogy, and other activities-affect their graduates? These NCRVE researchers examined magnet schools to see which aspects, from instruction to extracurricular activities and parent support, contributed most to students' career development. As the authors discuss, youth develop a career orientation in many different ways in high school. Magnet schooling began as a desegregation strategy, to provide opportunity through racial and social heterogeneity, and these researchers conclude that the ethos of achievement shared by magnet school students is still the greatest value of these programs. Everything good about the schools is identified with the social climate they create. Educators interested in the increasingly popular magnet schools will find this report valuable.

MDS-803 / May 1999

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