Learning to Work: How Parents Nurture the Transition from School to Work/Family Matters...in School-to-Work Transition

W. L. Way, M. M. Rossman

These research updates emphasize the often neglected role of family in work readiness. The first update, aimed primarily at parents, lists concrete ways to support children's education. It discusses how proactive family qualities like an active recreational orientation, expressiveness, cohesion, and sociability nurture work readiness in youth. The second update is directed to educational leaders and policymakers. Although the family is often downplayed in discussions of school-to-work transition, Way and Rossman's research has shown that the day-to day functioning of the family has a big influence on work readiness. Policymakers are urged to find ways to involve parents in education, and to encourage families to become more proactive.

MDS-807 / February 1996

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