Profiles of the National Industry Skills Standards Projects

M.L. Rahn (Comp.)

This report consists of a "profile" of each of the twenty-two National Industry Skills Standards projects, based on their response to the following questions: (1) What is the definition of industry for your project? What criteria did you use to define the boundaries of your industry? What approach are you using to organize your industry to set a standard?; (2) What definition of a standard are you using for your project? Please give an example of a standard for your project; and (3) How will performance against the standards be assessed (i.e., assessments instruments, certification systems)? This compilation contains useful information not only for the twenty-two projects, but also for administrators creating industry skills standards at the state level. These profiles represent only a snapshot of works in progress; however, they will be useful in invoking discussion about how these efforts will impact secondary and postsecondary curriculum and instruction.

MDS-881 / June 1994

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