As Teachers Tell It: Implementing All Aspects of the Industry

All Aspects of the Industry (AAI) is a powerful reform approach that combines the real world richness of vocational education with the broad, transferable skills associated with academic education. AAI means providing students with a strong understanding of AAI (planning; management; finance; technical and production skills; underlying principles of technology; community issues; labor issues; and health, safety, and environmental issues). As Teachers Tell It includes extensive case studies (885A) on implementing AAI from four schools. Teams of teachers and business representatives, collaborating with national organizations, spent a year developing their own case studies on the reform process. The case studies demonstrate the power of AAI in accelerating vocational and academic integration and strengthening workbased learning. They show how AAI ensures that students are not locked into the industry they focus on, and helps prepare students for a rapidly changing work world. As Teachers Tell It includes a comprehensive introduction to AAI; a section relating AAI to other reform streams; and an appendix (885B) with further resources. This groundbreaking study will be useful both to those interested in AAI, and to everyone engaged in the complex processes of school change.

MDS-885 / December 1996

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