Case by Case

B. J. Schmidt

Lack of open communication is one of the greatest barriers to curriculum integration. Years of turfism and lack of support often hinder the collaboration between school personnel which is crucial for reforms to take root. This article highlights results from an extended study of ten schools identified as exemplary for their integration efforts. Anecdotes from these schools provide real-world descriptions of strategies such as team teaching and using the community as a resource, and characteristics such as persistence in the face of difficulties and how commitment makes all the difference. The case studies (MDS-780) include discussion questions designed to help groups of educators explore why situations developed and how things might be done differently, or how successful practices can be adapted to other school settings. These case studies can be a very useful tool for teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators working on integrated curriculum. By talking about situations that may arise, we can open up communication and accelerate the integration process.

MDS-886 / March 1995

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