Current Status of Diversity Initiatives in Selected Multinational Corporations (Diversity in the Workforce Series Report #3)

R. M. Wentling, N. Palma-Rivas

The purpose of this study was to provide information on the status of the diversity process in U.S.-based multinational corporations that are committed to addressing diversity in the workplace. Eight diversity managers/directors at multinational corporations in Illinois were asked to provide information on their diversity initiatives; the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the initiatives; factors assisting in their success; barriers; and future plans. The study revealed that an evolutionary pattern exists for diversity initiatives that has evolved from Affirmative Action to international diversity. Multinational corporations have a high degree of sophistication in their diversity initiatives, are doing much more than required by law, and it appears that these initiatives will continue to become even more important.

MDS-936 / December 1997

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