Facilitating School-to-Work Transition: Teacher Involvement and Contributions

B. J. Schmidt, C. R. Finch, M. Moore

How can teachers become more effective in school-to-work transition? Deep-rooted tradition has led many teachers to view school-based learning as separate from work-based learning. To meet the school-to-work goal of moving from isolated programs to a system that helps large numbers of students, teachers must be provided with opportunities to gain the school-to-work-related knowledge, instructional expertise, and associated attitudes needed to collaborate in effective ways with employers and the community. The authors conducted nearly 200 interviews with educators and workplace and community representatives from successful school-to-work sites around the country. Extensive quotations from these interviews bring the issues to life. Many practical strategies for integrating work-related learning into the curriculum are described. This document is an excellent resource for those working to enable school-to-work to fulfill its potential.

MDS-938 / November 1997

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