The Right Fit: A Practitioner's Guide for Choosing Among Alternative Assessments (Getting to Work Supplement #1)

M. L. Rahn, M. Alt, B. M. Stecher, K. Rossi

Over the years, the nation has witnessed a wide range of proposals to change the structure and content of education and employment preparation programs. A major impetus for reform efforts has been recognizing that many high school graduates' knowledge and skills fall short of what is required in high-performance workplaces. Despite different approaches to reform, all sides agree on the need for trustworthy methods for assessing whether students are making progress towards desired outcomes. This practitionerÕs guide will help teachers, administrators, and district- or state-level educators make decisions about appropriate strategies for individual student assessment. The materials address various trade-offs to consider in reviewing current assessment strategies, revising them, and developing and phasing in new ones.

MDS-947 / June 1997

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