Designing the Thematic Curriculum: An All Aspects Approach

C. R. Finch, N. R. Frantz, M. Mooney, N. O. Aneke

To help today's students achieve their full potential and compete in the 21st century workplace, educators are moving away from the "assembly line" model of curriculum and towards curriculum organized around one broad theme. In this study, Finch, Frantz, Mooney, and Aneke identify curriculum that emphasizes the long-term "thematic" process, describe why this long-term emphasis is beneficial, and offer suggestions on designing thematic curricula. Interviews with schools which use long-term curricula are offered as examples on how a school can implement a thematic curriculum. "All aspects of the industry," a concept from recent federal legislation, was chosen as an example of a theme around which curriculum could be designed. The eight sections of the guide parallel stages in the curriculum design process. Five appendices include a wide range of examples and suggestions to assist in the creation of high-quality thematic curricula.

MDS-956 / November 1997

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