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We put learning to work

National Center for Research
in Vocational Education

(800) (old phone deleted)

Supported by The Office of
Vocational and Adult Education,
U.S. Department of Education

We put learning to work

Finding innovative ways to connect education and work is central to the National Center's mission. Education must prepare youth for a world where learning and work are increasingly intertwined.

The National Center is committed to offering all students opportunities for challenging, relevant academics and meaningful work-based learning experiences in their communities. Through research and direct assistance to schools, we promote education that prepares students for college, careers, and lifelong learning.

We find out what works and why

The National Center's consortium of eight institutions provides information about model programs and curricula, skill standards, tech prep, teacher training, curriculum integration, and more. Our clients include high school and community college teachers and administrators, policymakers, researchers, and employers. Through our Urban Schools Network, we work with teams of educators and employers at urban schools nationwide to implement new approaches to education reform.

"As a direct consequence of rapid changes in work, markets, and technologies, individuals and organizations must learn all the time. Consequently, many employers are now calling for education that promotes critical thinking for all students. The emphasis is on a high-quality, rigorous curriculum that is career-related. The economic imperative for all students to learn to use their minds well also serves the purpose of education for citizenship, parenthood, and membership in a civilized society."

--David Stern, NCRVE's Director

We bridge the gap between research and practice

We offer:

Questions and Comments

Call us at (800) (old phone deleted). Or email us at We'd be happy to send you information about the Center's research and service agenda.


David Stern, Director
University of California, Berkeley
2030 Addison Street, Suite 500
Berkeley, CA 94720-1674
(800) (old phone deleted)
(510) 642-4004

Consortium Members

University of California, Berkeley
W. Norton Grubb, Site Director
(510) 642-3488

Columbia University
Teachers College
Thomas Bailey, Site Director
(212) 678-3091

University of Illinois
Debra Bragg, Site Director
(217) 333-0807

University of Minnesota
Judith Lambrecht, Site Director
(612) 624-9284

MPR Associates, Inc.
Gary Hoachlander, Site Director
(510) 849-4942

Cathy Stasz, Site Director
(310) 393-0411 ext. 6326

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Curtis Finch, Site Director
(540) 231-5982

University of Wisconsin
Center on Education and Work
L. Allen Phelps, Site Director
(608) 263-3696

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