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Cyberspace Update

Get Connected

by David Carlson

NCRVE has a variety of electronic services available to the public. Recent highlights include more publications available on the World Wide Web, and the introduction of the Support to States pages. For titles of items added to the Web in the last few months, see Products Online in the pullout section of this CenterWork. For information on Support to States and other developments--and for information on how you can get connected--keep reading! (Note: electronic addresses given below are enclosed in <angle brackets> to set them off from the text. Do not include the brackets when typing the addresses on your computer.)

Support to States

The NCRVE project called "Increasing the Contribution of Vocational Education to Student Achievement: Support to States" has recently released a report (Taking Off!, MDS-1206) that describes selected states' development and implementation of the core performance indicators and accountability requirements mandated by the 1998 Carl Perkins Act. Information from that report, and more, is now available on the NCRVE website at <>. Like the report, the website covers standards setting, assessment systems, curriculum strategies, system supports, quality assurance, policy linkages, and resources. The website allows access to the information by state or subject matter, as well as links to other information.

Rate the NCRVE Website

We'd like to know how you feel about the usability and content of the NCRVE website. Please provide your feedback on a quick-and-easy online form at <>.

Keep Up with the NCRVE Website

Would you like to get a short email message whenever new publications and features become available on the NCRVE website?

If so, send an email message to, and put the word subscribe in the subject line of the message. About 650 people were on the list at the end of June.


VOCNET, NCRVE's email discussion group for all voc ed topics, currently has about 1,365 subscribers. Approximately 370 items were posted in March-June. VOCNET archives are available on the AskERIC website, at <>.

DISSMN8, NCRVE's email discussion group for educational dissemination-related topics, now has about 190 subscribers.

VOCNET moved from a listserv server to a majordomo server in mid-April. DISSEMN8 is scheduled to do the same sometime in July. The NCRVE website will have current information on how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the lists.

How to Connect to NCRVE Electronic Services

World Wide Web--Point your WWW browser to <>.

VOCNET--See the instructions on the NCRVE website at <>.

DISSMN8--See the instructions on the NCRVE website at <>.

NCRVE-WWW-Announce--To subscribe, send an email message to that contains the word subscribein the subject line.

AskNCRVE--If you have a question about a vocational education-related issue, send email to

CyberSpaceUpdate--For a copy of the most recent CyberSpace Update, which summarizes the items added to the NCRVE website during the preceding two months, send a blank email message to Current and back issues of CyberSpace Update (covering events since April 1998) are available on the web at <>.

DavidCarlson managed electronic communications for NCRVE's Dissemination Program.

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