Career Academies

Partnerships for Reconstructing American High Schools

David Stern, Marilyn Raby, Charles Dayton

"The career academies concept offers a powerful way to improve the quality of education for many of our students. Stern, Raby and Dayton have written the bible of this movement--what academies are, how they work, and how to create them. This book is vitally needed, and I hope it will initiate an academy in every high school in America. Every high school should have one."
--Bill Honig, California Superintendent of Public Instruction

This book explains the unique design and functioning of the career academy--a vigorous school-within-a-school that focuses on career preparation--and shows how it goes beyond traditional vocational programs to integrate academic and vocational curriculum, raise student ambitions, increase career options, and provide a meaningful learning context for both potential dropouts and college-bound youth.

The authors provide education policy makers, administrators, and teachers with step-by-step guidance for setting up career academies. Drawing on their extensive experience in researching, administering, and evaluating career academies over the past decade, they offer advice on handling staffing, budgeting, student selection, and parent involvement. They explain how to build effective school-business partnerships by using employers as curriculum advisers, speakers, field trip hosts, and student job supervisors. And they use examples of thriving academy programs to illustrate how career academies are leading the way in bringing rigor and relevance back to the classroom.


Part One: New Directions for High Schools
  1. High School: Demand for a New Design
  2. The Career Academy Model
  3. Evolution of the Academy Movement
  4. Evaluating the Academies
Part Two: Creating a Career Academy
  1. Procedures, Problems, and Principles
  2. Forging Partnerships Between Schools and Employers
  3. Building on Local Strengths: Examples from Four Districts
Part Three: The Future
  1. Academies and the Reconstruction of American High Schools

October 1992
ISBN 1-55542-488-0
216 pages

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