Learning to Work
The Case for Reintegrating Job Training and Education

W. Norton Grubb

Over the past three decades, job training programs have proliferated in response to mounting problems of unemployment, poverty, and expanded welfare rolls. Learning to Work offers a comprehensive assessment of efforts to move individuals into the workforce, and explains why their success has been limited. W. Norton Grubb, professor of education at the University of California, Berkeley, offers a complete history of job training in the United States, and examines the findings of the most recent and sophisticated job training evaluations to determine what they reveal for each type of program. Learning to Work links the poor performance of most programs to the separation of job training from the more successful educational system, and proposes a practical vision of reform.

$29.95 cloth
ISBN 0-87154-3647-2

published April 1996

Published by the Russell Sage Foundation, New York, New York

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