School To Work

Research on Programs in the United States

David Stern, Neal Finkelstein, John Latting, and Carolyn Dornsife, all of the University of California, Berkeley, and James R. Stone III, University of Minnesota

Encouraged by Federal legislation, states and localities in the US are designing new school-to-work systems. This book is intended to assist these design efforts by presenting the results of research on existing school-to-work programs. The result is that this book is the most comprehensive review of research on school-to-work programs in the US done to date, but it also brings those research findings to bear on the strategic choices that confront state and localities in their search for appropriate career-related programs in their secondary schools and two-year colleges. It illustrates in graphic detail the problem of school-to-work transition in the US, where steady, long term jobs are hard to find, and many young people continue to experience instability of employment well into their thirties. School-to-work programs must therefore aim to prepare young people not only for their first-time job, but also for subsequent changes. Three elements are emphasized in current strategies: combining school-based with work-based learning, blending instruction in academic and vocational subjects, and linking secondary with post-secondary education.

Contents: The Transition Problem, and Proposed Solutions. Floundering Youth in the US Labor Market. Elements of School-to-Work Programs. School-to-Work Programs in Secondary Schools. Cooperative Education. Youth Apprenticeship. School-based Enterprise. Non-School-Supervised Work Experience. New Findings from the NCRVE Longitudinal Study. Career Counseling and Job Placement. Mentoring Programs. School-and-Work Programs in Two Year Colleges. Cooperative Education. Apprenticeship. Career Counseling and Job Placement. Relevance of Vocational Education to Subsequent Employment. High Schools and Secondary Vocational Centers. Two-Year Colleges and Proprietary Schools. Tech-prep: Bridging Secondary and Postsecondary. Programs for Out-of-School Youth. Strategic Choices. Appendices.

172 pages
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