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      CYBERSPACE                                           Issue No. 33
                 UPDATE                 Events of October-November 1999

National Center for Research in Vocational Education
University of California at Berkeley

In this issue:

o NCRVE's final month
o New items appear on the NCRVE website
o How to connect to NCRVE electronic services

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This is the final CyberSpace Update from NCRVE!  As of December 31,
1999, NCRVE will have reached the end of its grant cycle.  Here's what
will happen to the various NCRVE electronic services:

  o The WEBSITE will be transferred to a new physical location at the
    UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education in mid-December.  This
    transfer should be transparent to users--the current URL,, will still work.  This "legacy" website
    will contain all full-text publications that currently exist on
    the website.  Features dependent on database interaction--product
    catalog searches, the events calendar--will no longer be
    available.  We also anticipate transferring a more complete version
    of the new voc ed centers soon to be announced by the federal

  o VOCNET will be discontinued December 17.

  o Other E-MAIL SERVICES--AskNCRVE, www-ncrve-announce, CyberSpace--
    will also be discontinued December 17.


Five full-text items and 3 executive summaries were added to the Web
in the last two months:

  o Beyond Eighth Grade: Functional Mathematics for Life and Work,
    by S. L. Forman, L. A. Steen (MDS-1241, May 1999);
    full text: <>

  o Context Matters: Teaching and Learning Skills for Work, by B. Giddens
    and C. Stasz (CenterPoint No. 8, October 1999);
    full text: <>

  o Learning in the Labor Market:  The Changing Importance of Education
    and Training After "Formal Schooling" Ends, by D. Marcotte
    (MDS-1275, September 1999);
    full text: <>
    executive summary: <>

  o New College Admission Procedures: Implications for Career-Related
    Learning in High School, by C. M. Pribbenow, L. A. Phelps, D. Briggs,
    D. Stern (MDS-1203, August 1999);
    full text: <>

  o School-to-Work for the College Bound: Strategies for Maximizing
    the Educational Opportunities of School-to-Work Students,
    by D. Merritt & L. C. Williams (MDS-1198, November 1999);
    full text: <>
    executive summary: <>

  o Career Guidance Resource Guide for Elementary and Middle/Junior High
    School Educators, by D. Dare, C. Maddy-Bernstein (MDS-1130, October
    executive summary: <>


World Wide Web--Point your WWW browser to

VOCNET--See the instructions at <>

   VOCNET is archived by AskERIC on the Web: 
DISSMN8--See the instructions at <>

NCRVE-WWW-ANNOUNCE--To subscribe, send an email message to NCRVE-WWW-
   ANNOUNCE@NCRVE.BERKELEY.EDU that contains the word SUBSCRIBE in 
   the subject line.
AskNCRVE--To get an answer to questions about any vocational
   education-related topic, send email to

CYBERSPACE UPDATE--For a copy of the most recent CyberSpace Update, which
   summarizes the items added to the NCRVE website during the preceding 
   two months, send a blank email message to  
   Current and back issues of CyberSpace Update (covering events since 
   April 1998) are available on the web at

For more information on NCRVE's electronic services, contact Carrie Collins at NCRVE by email ( or by phone 
(800-(old phone deleted)).

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