MDS-001 ED 308 379 Innovation Versus Turf: Coordination Between Vocational Education and Job Training Partnership Act Programs
MDS-002 ED 308 317 Resources to Facilitate the Transition of Learners with Special Needs from School to Work or Postsecondary Education
MDS-003 ED 311 229 Increasing Vocational Options for Students with Learning Handicaps: A Practical Guide
MDS-004 ED 314 641 National Data Needs for Vocational Education
MDS-007 ED 323 295 Changes in the Nature and Structure of Work: Implications for Skills and Skill Formation
MDS-012 ED 312 502
ED 325 623
Exemplary Urban Career-Oriented Secondary School Programs
MDS-014 ED 329 793 Indicators of Education and the Economy
MDS-015 ED 344 065 Linking Planning and Evaluation in Vocational Education: Issues and Concepts
MDS-016 ED 311 303 New Limits to Growth: Economic Transformation and Occupational Education
MDS-018 ED 312 501 On Becoming a Teacher: Vocational Education and the Induction Process
MDS-019 ED 316 647 Participation of Special Education Students in High School Vocational Education: The Influence of School Characteristics
MDS-020 ED 315 511 Performance-Based Policy Options for Postsecondary Vocational Education and Employment Training Programs
MDS-021 ED 324 498 Polytechnical Education: A Step
MDS-024 ED 314 642 Reforming Education for Work: A Cognitive Science Perspective
MDS-025 ED 330 852 Education and Training for Work: The Policy Instruments and the Institutions
MDS-027 ED 316 659 Vocational Teacher Education: A Context for the Future
MDS-028 ED 317 769 Who Gets What and Why: Curriculum Decisionmaking at Three Comprehensive High Schools
MDS-030 ED 310 282
ED 318 870
ED 330 800
ED 342 997
ED 356 387
ED 369 966
The 1989/1990/1991/1992/1993/1994 Agenda for the National Center for Research in Vocational Education
MDS-031 ED 336 567 Vocational Education for Special Populations: Recommendations for Improving State Policy
MDS-035 ED 317 830
ED 344 062
Key Issues in Vocational Education: Tip Sheet for Education Writers
MDS-040 ED 312 466 Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: The Role of Vocational Education in Economic Development
MDS-041 ED 325 645 Leadership, Leadership Development and the National Center for Research in Vocational Education
MDS-052 ED 311 304 The Directory of Human Resources to Better Serve Learners with Special Needs in Vocational Education
MDS-057 ED 329 734 General Education: Vocational and Academic Collaboration
MDS-058 ED 345 105 Formulating a Conceptual Model of Motivation: Implications for Enhancing Accommodation of At-Risk Learners in Postsecondary Vocational Education Programs
MDS-063 ED 323 342 Order Amid Complexity: The Status of Coordination Among Vocational Education, JTPA and Welfare-to-Work Programs
MDS-065 ED 348 491 Integration of Vocational and Academic Education: Theory and Practice
MDS-066 ED 329 682 Teaching and Learning Generic Skills for the Workplace
MDS-072 ED 352 454 Preparing Adult Immigrants for Work: The Educational Response in Two Communities
MDS-077 ED 346 303 Bright Hopes, Dim Realities: Vocational Innovation in American Correctional Education
MDS-094 ED 322 318 Subject Matter of Vocational Education: In Pursuit of Foundations
MDS-095 ED 345 106 A Framework for the Subject Matter of Vocational Education
MDS-097 ED 330 798 Leadership Behaviors of Successful Vocational Education Administrators
MDS-098 ED 352 484 School/Work: Economic Change and Educational Reform
MDS-106 ED 333 236 Institutional-Level Factors and Excellence in Vocational Education: A Review of the Literature
MDS-109 ED 324 414 Students with Limited English Proficiency: Selected Resources for Vocational Preparation
MDS-110 ED 324 415 Teen Parents: Selected Resources for Vocational Preparation
MDS-111 ED 324 416 Students At Risk: Selected Resources for Vocational Preparation
MDS-112 ED 352 466 Effective Vocational Education for Students with Special Needs: A Framework
MDS-114 ED 326 663 Research Priorities and Goals for Vocational Education Personnel Development
MDS-118 ED 318 869 Proceedings for Forum on Integrating Occupational and Academic Education
MDS-119 ED 328 765 The UAW Joint Funds: Opportunities and Dilemmas for Postsecondary Vocational Education
MDS-120 ED 348 572 Linking Planning and Evaluation: Review and Synthesis of Literature
MDS-121 ED 329 733 A National Database on Vocational Education Teacher Education
MDS-127 ED 349 469 Educational Matchmaking: Academic and Vocational Tracking in Comprehensive High Schools
MDS-131 ED 339 835 Skills and Security in Evolving Employment Systems: Observations from Case Studies
MDS-133 ED 336 566 A Look at Planning and Evaluation Linkages Across the Nation
MDS-137 ED 344 101 Meeting the Personnel Needs of the Health Care Industry through Vocational Education Programs: A Study of the San Francisco Bay Area
MDS-140 ED 338 901 An Uncommon Education: Interaction and Innovation
MDS-141 ED 334 421 "The Cunning Hand, The Cultured Mind": Models for Integrating Vocational and Academic Education
MDS-143 ED 348 492 Performance-Based Occupational Math Requirements Assessment (OMRA): Implementation and Supporting Research
MDS-144 ED 360 342 User's Manual for the Basic Math Mastery Tests
MDS-146 ED 351 552 Technical and Symbolic Knowledge in CNC Machining: A Study of Technical Workers of Different Backgrounds
MDS-147 ED 351 524 Improving Written Instructions for Procedural Tasks
MDS-151 ED 350 390 Emerging Uses of Computers for Education: An Overview of Tools and Issues for Vocational Educators
MDS-152 ED 349 412 Access to and Use of Vocational Education in Teen Parent Programs
MDS-154 ED 338 865 Hearing Other Voices: A Critical Assessment of Popular Views on Literacy and Work
MDS-155 ED 351 553 "Their Chances? Slim and None": An Ethnographic Account of the Experiences of Low-Income People of Color in a Vocational Program and at Work
MDS-157 ED 351 549 Collaboration for Instruction of LEP Students in Vocational Education
MDS-160 ED 351 528 Private Sector Instructors: The Nature of Effective Vocational Educators Working in Business and Industry
MDS-161 ED 342 926 On Becoming a Teacher: An Examination of the Induction of Beginning Vocational Teachers in American Public Schools
MDS-162 ED 335 530 Professional Development Programs, Leadership, and Institutional Culture: Lessons from a Study of Professional Development Programs for Community College Occupational-Technical Faculty
MDS-163 ED 359 318 What Works When Teachers Integrate Vocational and Academic Education
MDS-164 ED 351 526 Collaborative Efforts Between Vocational and Academic Teachers: Strategies that Facilitate and Hinder the Efforts
MDS-165 ED 351 550 Course-Taking Patterns of Vocational Education Baccalaureate Degree Recipients: Teacher Preparation, General Education, and Teaching Content Area Studies
MDS-166 ED 345 107 Work on the Margins: The Experience of Vocational Teachers in Comprehensive High Schools
MDS-173 ED 344 064 The Effectiveness of New York City's Career Magnet Schools: An Evaluation of Ninth Grade Performance Using an Experimental Design
MDS-174 ED 340 908 Assessing the Nature and Operation of Institutional Excellence in Vocational Education
MDS-175 ED 338 866 A Conceptual Framework for Evaluating Community College Customized Training Programs
MDS-180 ED 349 470 U.S. Enrollment Patterns in Secondary Vocational Education: A Status Report (1983-1990)
MDS-184 ED 352 465 Education and Training for Work in the Fifty States: A Compendium of State Policies
MDS-186 ED 322 392 Preparing Leaders in Vocational Education: A Conference Report
MDS-187 ED 333 178 Conceptualizing Leadership and Assessing Leader Attributes
MDS-188 ED 349 471 Vocational Education Leadership Development Resources: Selection and Application
MDS-192 ED 334 453 Selected Vocational Preparation Resources for Serving Rural Youth and Adults with Special Needs
MDS-193 ED 342 831 Selected Vocational Preparation Resources for Serving Urban Youth and Adults with Special Needs
MDS-198 ED 329 650 Vocational Preparation and General Education
MDS-204 ED 315 607 Shared-Time Versus Full-Time Vocational High Schools in Delaware: An Assessment
MDS-205 ED 330 828 The National Assessment of Vocational Education: "What it Says and What it Should Say"--A Symposium
MDS-211 ED 349 404 Vocational Education
MDS-214 ED 323 343 Case Studies for Order Amidst Complexity: The Status of Coordination Among Vocational Education, Job Training Partnership Act, and Welfare-to-Work Programs
MDS-215 ED 329 681 Vocational Education: A Success Story
MDS-217 ED 332 012 Formulating a Conceptual Model on Nontraditional Student Attrition and Persistence in Postsecondary Vocational Education Programs
MDS-230 ED 329 680 The Developing Vocational Education and Training System: Partnerships and Customized Training
MDS-231 ED 330 867 State Councils of Vocational Education: Bridging the Gaps and Diminishing the Uncertainties
MDS-232 ED 328 762 Guidelines for Developing Systems of Performance Standards and Accountability for Vocational Education: Notes from a Conference Presentation
MDS-233 ED 328 764 Tech-Prep Programs: Issues in Implementing the Carl Perkins Amendments of 1990
MDS-234 ED 328 763 Integrating Academic and Vocational Education: Issues in Implementing the Carl Perkins Amendments of 1990
MDS-235 ED 346 251 Strategies for Linking Planning and Evaluation in Vocational and Technical Education
MDS-237 ED 353 445 Testing and Assessment in Secondary Education: A Critical Review of Emerging Practices
MDS-239 ED 352 553 Alternative Approaches to Outcomes Assessment for Postsecondary Vocational Education
MDS-241 ED 356 313 Implementing Tech Prep: A Guide to Planning a Quality Initiative
MDS-243 ED 377 328 Education for All Aspects of the Industry: Overcoming Barriers to Broad-Based Training
MDS-244 ED 351 527 Empowering Accountability for Vocational-Technical Education: The Analysis and Use of Wage Records
MDS-246 ED 352 557 Parental Aspirations for Children and Children's Aspirations: A Longitudinal Study of Educational and Career Aspirations Among Hyperactive and Nonhyperactive Children
MDS-249 ED 352 483 Educational Needs and Employment Trends of Environmental Hazardous Materials Technicians and Related Workers
MDS-251 ED 350 405 A Time to Every Purpose: Integrating Occupational and Academic Education in Community Colleges and Technical Institutes
MDS-252 ED 352 453 Opportunities Lost and Lessons Learned: Inside a Workplace Literacy Program
MDS-253 ED 357 244 Making High Schools Work: Patterns of School Reform and the Integration of Vocational and Academic Education
MDS-255 ED 353 409 Training for Basic Skills or Educating Workers?: Changing Conceptions of Workplace Education Programs
MDS-256 ED 352 452 Alternative Perspectives of Instruction and Cognitive Theory: Implications and Proposals
MDS-257 ED 352 469 Teaching for Transfer of Learning
MDS-259 ED 334 452 Local Systems of Vocational Education and Job Training: Diversity, Interdependence, and Effectiveness
MDS-263 ED 356 380 Classrooms that Work: Teaching Generic Skills in Academic and Vocational Settings
MDS-265 ED 351 602 Application of Cognitive Theory to the Design, Development, and Implementation of a Computer-Based Troubleshooting Tutor
MDS-266 ED 350 406 A Workers' Perspective: Skills, Training, and Education in the Automotive Repair, Printing, and Metalworking Trades
MDS-268 ED 352 555 Influences on Adolescents' Vocational Development
MDS-270 ED 354 356 Tech Prep: An Embryonic Idea and Divergent Practice
MDS-272 ED 351 568 Professional Development of Beginning Vocational Teachers: An Introduction to the Professional Development Program for Beginning Vocational Teachers
MDS-273 ED 351 603 Professional Development of Beginning Vocational Teachers: Implementation System
MDS-275 ED 352 485 Teachers' Roles in the Integration of Vocational and Academic Education
MDS-276 ED 352 468 Helping Teachers to Understand Their Roles in Integrating Vocational and Academic Education: A Practitioner's Guide
MDS-277 ED 352 456 Using Professional Development to Facilitate Vocational and Academic Education Integration: A Practitioner's Guide
MDS-278 ED 353 406 Breakers: An Organizational Simulation for Vocational Education Professionals
MDS-279 ED 351 525 Case Studies in Vocational Education Administration: Leadership in Action
MDS-281 ED 352 467 A Guide to Assess Institutional Excellence in Vocational Education
MDS-282 ED 352 508
ED 352 509
New Designs for the Comprehensive High School
MDS-287 ED 353 407 Integrating Academic and Vocational Education: Lessons from Eight Early Innovators
MDS-288 ED 353 408 Pandora's Box: Accountability and Performance Standards in Vocational Education
MDS-291 ED 351 567 Local Accountability in Vocational Education: A Theoretical Model and Its Limitations in Practice
MDS-292 ED 354 343 Beyond Vocational Education Standards and Measures: Strengthening Local Accountability Systems for Program Improvement
MDS-293 ED 351 565 An Evaluation of Ten Leadership Development Programs for Graduate Students in Vocational Education
MDS-296 ED 351 529 Proceedings from a National Conference on Community College Professional Development: Sharing What Works
MDS-297 ED 355 424 Integrating Academic and Vocational Education: Guidelines for Secondary School Principals
MDS-299 ED 351 523 Helping Vocational and Academic Teachers Collaborate to Improve Students' Reading and Writing Skills: An Over-Time Inservice Activity
MDS-300 ED 349 405 Selected Resources to Facilitate the Transition of Learners with Special Needs from School to Work or Postsecondary Education, Volume 2
MDS-303 ED 348 571 Exemplary Programs Serving Special Populations, Volume 1
MDS-308 ED 352 554 Black Americans and Vocational Education: Participation in the 1980s
MDS-309 ED 336 568 Readin', Writin', 'Rithmetic One More Time: The Role of Remediation in Vocational Education and Job Training Programs
MDS-311 ED 342 925 Beyond Articulation: The Development of Tech-Prep Programs
MDS-327 ED 329 764 Emerging Issues in Adult Vocational Education: Notes from a Seminar Presentation
MDS-335 ED 335 516 Characteristics of Excellent Trainers in Business and Industry: A Psychological, Interpersonal, Motivational, and Demographic Profile
MDS-354 ED 313 535 What Works in Vocational Education for Students Who Are at Risk (TASPP Briefs Vol. 1, No. 2)
MDS-357 ED 317 834 Selected Resources on Developing Vocational Programs for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency (TASPP Briefs Vol. 1, No. 5)
MDS-358 ED 317 835 Improving the Self-Sufficiency of Teen Parents (TASPP Briefs Vol. 1, No. 6)
MDS-359 ED 323 339 Improving Outcomes for Students with Special Needs: Integrating Academic and Vocational Education (TASPP Briefs Vol. 2, No.1)
MDS-360 ED 326 630  Issues in Vocational Education for Special Populations in Rural Areas (TASPP Briefs Vol. 2, No.2)
MDS-361 ED 326 696 Boulder Valley Schools Teen Parenting Program: An Exemplary Vocational Education Program Serving a Population with Special Needs (TASPP Briefs Vol. 2, No.3)
MDS-362 ED 329 760 Issues in Urban Vocational Education for Special Populations (TASPP Briefs Vol. 2, No.4)
MDS-366 ED 326 695 Serving Urban Youth with Special Needs in Vocational Education: Issues and Strategies for Change (TASPP Bulletin Vol. 2 No. 2)
MDS-367 ED 333 167 Integrating Academic Skills into Postsecondary Vocational Education Programs through Accomodation Teams (TASPP Bulletin Vol. 3 No. 1)
MDS-375 ED 334 420 Integrating Academic and Vocational Education: Guidelines for Assessing a Fuzzy Reform
MDS-377 ED 335 517 On Becoming a Teacher: "They Just Gave Me a Key and Said, 'Good Luck'"
MDS-378 ED 342 998 A Guide to Using Postsecondary Transcript Data and an Overview of Course Taking in Less-Than-Four-Year Postsecondary Institutions
MDS-380 ED 336 513 Linking Planning and Evaluation: Understanding the Process in Vocational and Technical Education
MDS-381 ED 336 514 Teacher Preparation, Qualifications, and Demand
MDS-382 ED 337 666 Current State of Occupational and Technical Training: The Need for Integration and High Quality Programs
MDS-383 ED 344 063 Tech Prep: Developing Cooperative Programs and Partnerships
MDS-386 ED 348 531 Career Magnets: Interviews with Students and Staff
MDS-387 ED 342 999 Secondary and Postsecondary Vocational Education in Mississippi: An Evaluation
MDS-388 ED 343 000 Performance Measures and Standards for Vocational Education: 1991 Survey Results
MDS-389 ED 340 907 Professional Development of Teachers of Vocational Education
MDS-396 ED 341 807 Tech Prep and Educational Reform
MDS-398 ED 353 413 Pedagogical Pluses in Vocational Education
MDS-407 ED 348 570 Accountability for Vocational Education: A Practitioners Guide
MDS-408 ED 362 764 Building The Middle
MDS-409 ED 362 764 Building The Middle: Executive Summary
MDS-410 ED 347 343 Teen Parents: Selected Resources for Vocational Preparation, Volume 2
MDS-412 ED 357 270 The Role of Family in Educational and Occupational Decisions Made by Mexican-American Students
MDS-413 ED 363 726 Learning the Ropes: The Social Construction of Work-Based Learning
MDS-414 ED 351 566 Factors that Influence the Academic and Vocational Development of African American and Latino Youth
MDS-415 ED 352 552 Academic-Career Integration in Magnet High Schools: Assessing the Level of Implementation
MDS-420 ED 337 634 The 1990 Perkins Amendments: No More "Business As Usual" (TASPP Brief Vol. 3 No. 1)
MDS-421 ED 341 790 Transitioning Vocational Services: An Exemplary Vocational Program Serving Youth with Special Needs (TASPP Briefs Vol. 3 No. 2)
MDS-422 ED 344 991 The 1990 Perkins: Evaluating and Improving Program Effectiveness (TASPP Briefs Vol. 3 No. 3)
MDS-424 ED 359 416 Exemplary Programs Serving Special Populations, Volume II
MDS-425 ED 348 528 Annotated Resource List: Assessing Special Populations in Vocational Programs
MDS-432 ED 348 493 Students with Limited English Proficiency: Selected Resources for Vocational Preparation, Volume 2
MDS-434 ED 351 482 Students At Risk: Selected Resources for Vocational Preparation, Volume 2
MDS-436 ED 344 061 Annotated Resource List: Funding Resources for Vocational Special Needs Programs
MDS-437 ED 350 408 Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act of 1990: Selected Resources for Implementation
MDS-438 ED 350 404 Two Worlds: Vocational and Academic Teachers in Comprehensive High Schools
MDS-442 ED 348 529 Annotated Resource List: Integration of Academic and Vocational Education
MDS-444 ED 347 341 Assessing the Coordination of Vocational Education with Other Federal Programs
MDS-445 ED 347 340 Assessing the Integration of Academic and Vocational Education: Methods and Questions
MDS-447 ED 347 342 A Framework for Technology Education Curricula Which Emphasizes Intellectual Processes
MDS-452 ED 348 530 Annotated Resource List: Tech Prep
MDS-453 ED 354 342 Annotated Resource List: Vocational/Career Counseling and Career Education for Special Populations
MDS-461 ED 351 551 Highlights from an Evaluation of Ten Leadership Development Programs for Graduate Students in Vocational Education
MDS-468 ED 352 455 Teaching Problem Solving and Technical Mathematics Through Cognitive Apprenticeship at the Community College Level
MDS-469 ED 351 564 The Effect of Functional Flow Diagrams on the Technical System Understanding of Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Mechanics
MDS-470 ED 353 412 Betwixt and Between: Education, Skills, and Employment in the Sub-Baccalaureate Labor Markets
MDS-471 ED 359 365 Stretching the Subject: The Subject Organization of High Schools and the Transformation of Work Education
MDS-477 ED 351 484 Annotated Resource List: School-Business Partnerships
MDS-478 ED 351 486 Annotated Resource List: Women and Girls in Vocational Education
MDS-479 ED 351 483 Annotated Resource List: Collaborating to Improve Vocational Program Effectiveness for Special Populations
MDS-480 ED 351 485 Annotated Resource List: Supplemental and Support Services in Vocational Education
MDS-483 ED 353 472 Examples of Integrated Academic and Vocational Curriculum from High School Academies in the Oakland Unified School District
MDS-484 ED 352 556 Novels and Short Stories About Work: An Annotated Bibliography
MDS-489 ED 355 425 Tech Prep Leadership Summit: A Conference Report
MDS-491 ED 360 494 State Systems for Accountability in Vocational Education
MDS-702 ED 398 412 Indigenous School-to-Work Programs: Lessons From Cincinnati's Co-op Education
MDS-713 ED 375 297 Building a Preferred Future with Tech Prep Systems
MDS-714 ED 374 336 Tech Prep Implementation in the United States: Promising Trends and Lingering Challenges
MDS-721 ED 378 446 Work-Based Learning in Two-Year Colleges in the United States
MDS-727 ED 399 397 Fostering Entrepreneurship through Business Incubation: The Role and Prospects of Postsecondary Vocational-Technical Education (Report 3: Guidebook of Opportunities for Two-Year Technical Colleges)
MDS-730 ED 374 337 Leader Attributes Inventory Manual
MDS-732 ED 378 364 Improving Perkins II Performance Measures and Standards: Lessons Learned from Early Implementers in Four States
MDS-736 ED 377 355 Preparing Leaders for the Future: A Development Program for Underrepresented Groups in Vocational Education
MDS-743 ED 399 398 New Perspectives on Documenting Employment and Earnings Outcomes in Vocational Education
MDS-744 ED 363 776 Gender Equity: A Resource List of Organizations and Information Centers
MDS-746 ED 389 900 Inclusion/Detracking: A Resource Guide
MDS-747 ED 389 901 A School-to-Work Resource Guide: Focusing on Diversity
MDS-748 ED 376 313 Local Accountability Systems: Addressing Perkins Mandates for Special Populations
MDS-767 ED 363 725 Improving National Data for Vocational Education: Strengthening a Multiform System
MDS-768 ED 365 870 National Roster of Local Practices in the Integration of Academic and Vocational Education
MDS-770 ED 363 789 Establishing Integrated Tech Prep Programs in Urban Schools: Plans Developed at the NCRVE 1993 National Institute
MDS-771 ED 369 923 Research on School-to-Work Transition Programs in the United States
MDS-773 ED 398 413 Workplace Skills in Practice: Case Studies of Technical Work
MDS-777 ED 389 897 Making Sense of Industry-Based Skills Standards
MDS-780 ED 389 898 Preparing Teachers to Successfully Integrate Vocational and Academic Education: A Case Study Approach
MDS-790 ED 404 474 Educator, Student, and Employer Priorities for Tech Prep Student Outcomes
MDS-803 ED 414 471 Career Development Effects of Career Magnets Versus Comprehensive Schools
MDS-812 ED 401 454 High School Restructuring and Vocational Reform: The Question of "Fit" in Two Schools
MDS-815 ED 369 993 Leader Effectiveness Index Manual
MDS-826 ED 378 377 Change Agent: March 1994
MDS-827 ED 378 377 Change Agent: June 1994
MDS-828 ED 378 377 Change Agent: September 1994
MDS-829 ED 378 377 Change Agent: December 1994
MDS-855 ED 385 739 Exemplary Career Guidance Programs: What Should They Look Like?
MDS-856 ED 388 859 Profiles and Best Practices: Exemplary Vocational Special Populations Programs
MDS-870 ED 384 804 But I've Been Doing This for Years: Informal Integration of Vocational and Academic Education Pilot Test Report
MDS-880 ED 384 756 Workplace Literacy: Is There a Role for Vocational Institutions?
MDS-881 ED 369 994 Profiles of the National Industry Skills Standards Projects
MDS-885 ED 401 465
ED 401 466
As Teachers Tell It: Implementing All Aspects of the Industry
MDS-893 ED 399 395 Fostering Entrepreneurship through Business Incubation: The Role and Prospects of Postsecondary Vocational-Technical Education (Report 1: Survey of Business Incubator Clients and Managers)
MDS-895 ED 399 396 Fostering Entrepreneurship Through Business Incubation: The Role and Prospects of Postsecondary Vocational-Technical Education (Report 2: Case Studies)
MDS-900 ED 383 840 Legislative Principles for Career-Related Education and Training: What Research Supports
MDS-902 ED 417 336 Achieving Scale and Quality in School-to-Work Internships: Findings From an Employer Survey
MDS-916 ED 414 472 Learning How to Learn at Work: Lessons From Three High School Programs
MDS-934 ED 414 473 Diversity in the Workplace: A Literature Review (Diversity in the Workforce Series Report #1)
MDS-936 ED 414 475 Current Status of Diversity Initiatives in Selected Multinational Corporations (Diversity in the Workforce Series Report #3)
MDS-949 ED 422 471 The Standards-Setting Process in Accounting: Lessons for Education and Workplace Reform
MDS-955 ED 404 475 Curriculum Quality Standards for School-to-Work: A Guidebook
MDS-958 ED 414 407 Case Studies of Urban Schools: Portrayals of Schools in Change
MDS-990 ED 384 802 The 1995 Agenda for the National Center for Research in Vocational Education
MDS-1007 ED 401 455 Student Services: Achieving Success for All Secondary Students
MDS-1027 ED 383 842 Understanding the Skills Gap: Approaches from Job Analysis
MDS-1045 ED 388 860 Co-operative Education in Cincinnati: Implications for School-to-Work Programs in the U.S.
MDS-1046 ED 388 861 Linking School-Based and Work-Based Learning: The Implications of La Guardia's Co-op Seminars for School-to-Work Programs
MDS-1047 ED 389 899 Evaluating Job Training Programs in the United States: Evidence and Explanations
MDS-1049 ED 401 452 Leader Attributes Inventory: Directions for Administering, Scoring and Preparing Feedback Reports
MDS-1050 ED 401 453 Leader Effectiveness Index: Directions for Administering, Scoring, and Preparing Feedback Reports
MDS-1053 ED 398 414 The 1996 Agenda for the National Center for Research in Vocational Education
MDS-1076 ED 422 472 Separate Tables: Academic and Vocational Education Reforms in Traditional, Comprehensive High Schools
MDS-1078 ED 414 476 Tech Prep/School-to-Work Partnerships: More Trends and Challenges
MDS-1082 ED 414 474 Current Status and Future Trends of Diversity Initiatives in the Workplace: Diversity Experts' Perspective (Diversity in the Workforce Series Report #2)
MDS-1109 ED 419 567 New Designs for the Two-Year Institution of Higher Education: Final Report
MDS-1112 ED 404 484 CenterFocus #14--School-to-Work Policy Insights from Recent International Developments
MDS-1116 ED 404 485 CenterFocus #15--Assessing Students for Workplace Readiness
MDS-1265 ED 417 348 Teacher Learning in the Workplace and Community

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