New American High School
Honorable Mention Sites

Note: The New American High Schools project at NCRVE ended in 1997, and the contacts listed below are not being actively maintained.

Aviation High School
36th St. & Queens Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 11101
TEL: 718-361-2032
FAX: 718-784-8654
Principal: Mrs. Eileen Taylor
Superintendent: Dr. Margaret R. Harrington

Benson High School
5120 Maple Street
Omaha, NE 68104
TEL: 402-557-3000
FAX: 402-557-3039
Principal: Dr. Frank Hoy
Superintendent: Norbert J. Schuerman

Bethel School District
516 East 176th Street
Spanaway, WA 98387
TEL: 206-536-7236
FAX: 206-536-7301
District Contact: Marilyn Ash, Executive Director
of Applied Learning
Superintendent: Dr. Don Berger

Bryan Senior High School
4700 Giles Road
Omaha, NE 68157
TEL: 402-557-3100
FAX: 402-557-3139
Principal: Robert L. Whitehouse
Superintendent: Norbert J. Schuerman

Central High School
1130 West Chestnut St.
Louisville, KY 40203
TEL: 502-485-8226
FAX: 502-485-8074
Principal: Harold Fenderson
Superintendent: Stephen Daeschner

Flower Vocational School
3545 West Fulton Blvd.
Chicago,IL 60624
TEL: 312-534-6755
FAX: 312-534-6938
Principal: Dorothy Williams
Superintendent: Paul Vallis

George Washington High School
Bustleton and Verree Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19116
TEL: 215-961-2001
FAX: 215-961-2545
Principal: Harry Gutelius
Superintendent: David W. Hornbeck

Georgetown High School
1701 North Austin Avenue
Georgetown, TX 78626
TEL: 512-819-0320
FAX: 512-819-0303
Principal: Mike Cargill
Superintendent: Jim Gunn, Ph.D.

Gloucester High School
6680 Short Lane
Gloucester, VA 23061
TEL: 804-693-2526
FAX: 804-693-7685
Principal: C. Hampton Gray ("Chip")
Superintendent: J. Larry Hoover

Hiram Johnson High School
6879 14th Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95820
Principal: Arthur A. Benjamin
Superintendent: Terry B. Grier

Hamilton High School
6215 West Warnimont
Milwaukee, WI 53220
TEL & FAX: 414-541-7720
Principal: Clark Lovell
Superintendent: Robert Jasna

Leander High School
3301 South Bagdad
Leander,TX 78641
TEL: 512-435-8000
FAX: 512-259-2885
Principal: Charles Rouse
Superintendent: Tom Glenn

Maritime and Science Technology
High School

3979 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149
TEL: 305-365-6278
FAX: 305-361-0996
Principal: Linda J. Eads
Superintendent: Octavio Visiedo

Middle College High School
45-35 Van Dam Street
Long Island City, NY
TEL: 718-349-4000
FAX: 718-349-4003
Principal: Donald J. Freeman (Acting); Dr. Cecilia L. Cullen (on sabbatical)
Superintendent: Stephen E. Phillips

Orr Community Academy
730 North Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60624
TEL: 312-534-6632
FAX: 312-534-6632
Principal: Dr. Cynthia Felton
Superintendent: Argie K. Johnson

Roosevelt High School
6941 North Central
Portland, OR 97203
TEL: 503-280-5260
FAX: 503-280-5663
Principal: Paul Coakley
Superintendent: Jack Bierwirgh

Sebastian River High School
9001 90th Avenue
Sebastian, FL 32958
TEL: 407-564-4170
FAX: 407-564-4182
Principal: Dr. Fran J. Adams
Superintendent: Dr. Roger Dearing

Sturgis Brown High School
Box 3399
Sturgis, SD 57785
TEL: 605-347-2686
FAX: 605-347-0005
Prinicpal: Richard Deaver
Superintendent: Dr. Barry Furze

Walton High School
2780 Reservoir Ave.
Bronx, NY 70468
TEL: 718-364-7400
FAX: 605-347-0005
Principal: Nicola Genco
Superintendent: Joseph DeJesus

Westwood High School
1801 Panther Lane
Fort Pierce, FL 34947-1699
TEL: 407-468-5405
FAX: 407-468-5465
Principal: E. Wayne Gent
Superintendent: David Mosri

Winnacunet Cooperative High School
Alumni Drive
Hampton, NH 03842
TEL: 603-926-3395
FAX: 603-926-5418
Principal: Roberta Neuman
Superintendent: James Weiss

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